A sustainable workplace is an office space that is designed to be as Eco-friendly as possible. It’s about using as little of the earth’s natural resources as possible and aiming not to harm the surrounding atmosphere in any way. Green office design is also all about securing the well-being of employees. Creating a workplace […]

A new proposed interior fittings for a modular resort

There is great pride in taking care of a home and building an environment for friends and family. Creating a personalized environment often is accomplished by adding those extra touches and finishes found on both the exterior and the interior, such as moldings and landscaping. Plastic provides an attractive and durable source for these elements, […]

Silk liquid wallpaper

Silk wallpaper SILK PLASTER liquid produced by a unique technology. They are light and frost. Therefore, neither the African heat of the Sahara, nor the fierce Siberian winter they are not afraid. Decorative plaster SILK PLASTER not change either color or structure when applied as well as during the transportation.