Our Building and Civil Engineering Construction services include but are not limited to the following:

◈ Renovations:

Renovate residential and commercial properties.

◈ Construction:

Build or construct residential houses, bungalows, stand alone   maisonettes, town houses, villas, flats  agricultural and commercial   developments.

◈ Roads Construction and Grading:

Roads construction, resurfacing, repairs and grading.

◈ Welding Works:

Welding fabrication of gates, steel casement windows ,burglar   proofing grilles.

and Decoration:

Painting and decoration of interiors and exteriors of residential   houses ,commercial developments, flats, factories, schools and   colleges.

and Parking:

Driveways and car parking in cabro paving or tarmac finish   with   storm water drains.


Structural steel roof construction for go downs, churches,   school   halls, ordaining halls, hospitals and factories

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