Our services include but are not limited to the following:

✔ Office Partitions:

Aluminum partitions, gypsum partitions, laminate board partitions,   chipboard partitions, block board partitions, aluminum and glass   partitions, aluminum, gypsum office partitioning.

✔ Shop Fitting:

Banking halls, bank teller cubicles and ATM lobbies.

✔ Flooring:

Floor tiling-ceramic tiles, parquet, wood blocks, laminate board   floor, granite tiles, marble tiles and PVC flooring solutions.

✔ Suspended Ceiling:

Acoustic ceiling, custom built gypsum ceiling, reception ceiling,   boardroom ceiling, Tng  Ceiling and PVC ceilings

✔ Carpeting:

Wall to wall carpeting, carpet tiles.

✔ Window Treatments:

Window blinds and window films, and curtains  .

✔ Wall:

Interior and exterior painting, paneling, stencil  and textured   painting.

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