Free Drop Interior Designers are true craftsmen who produce high-quality work and were easy to work with too. The end result is magnificent and has real boasted our business.

0722 952 965, River Rd Nairobi - Inks Hotels

Working with Free Drop Interior Designers was a pleasure. They balanced the interior vision and the project realities beautifully, had a deep understanding of our priorities, and operated responsively and professionally to all matters. The blend of their personal style and an understanding of ours led to a beautiful, practical, and unique results.

Fr Stephen Korambo
0707 636 631, Nairobi - Consolata Fathers

Their staff of talented designers has been a pleasure to work with. They work collaboratively with other design consultants and general contractors to ensure that all of the client’s vision, program, and objectives are met. I have had the opportunity to work with.

Stephen N
0720 863 630, Machakos - Golden Gate Hotels

The reason we like dealing with Free Drop Interior Designers is because they respond quickly and if there is no chance of obtaining planning they will tell you on day one. They will not waste your money if there is no hope so that to me is fair play.


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